Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Work VS Family

i think everyone will come across this path sooner or later. unless ur father is so darn rich that u do not have to worry about money or work at all.. then u will really live like the prince and princess in the story book happily ever after.. see.. even the story book also know only Prince and Princess can live happily ever after..

I am just an average guy in this world trying my best to work hard and get money to support my family. I do not have a darn rich father.. (I thank God for that! I am happy with what my parents have given me! hehe..) so now i need to pick up my own butt and work for MONEY. we can easily say that money is not important. but when come to the dinner table. no money really no talk la..

is there a job that can have the following requirement?
1. High Pay ($$$$$.$$)
2. No Stress
3. No need to travel around
4. No need to work shift
5. Flexible working hour
6. Have a lot of time for family
7. BIG Bonus every year

is this possible? if you do have a vacancy out there.. please let me know and HIRE ME!! I really need that job!

my job nature is i have to take care of the whole HOSPITAL in SARAWAK.. and Sarawak is a big piece of land. Bigger than West Malaysia. The population is not as crowded as WM. But still.. to cover Sarawak is really no joke.. i have to travel. limited flight around Sarawak. lousy road everywhere. there is no highway! what can i do?

now that i have another new member in my family. life just got more interesting. it's really not easy to take care of a small baby. if me and kim are there to take care of him then it would be alot easier. but when taking care of him alone. it's really a heavy and difficult task!

i know that family is important. but what can i do? look for another job. is it really that easy to find job in Kuching? i am so confused la.. i do not believe that there is a perfect job other there. i think now i just have to figure out another way to solve this problem. if u have any idea, please share with me. we can learn from one another.

Dear Lord,

I need Your help. Please give me wisdom to make the right decision and also show me the right direction. I want to walk in You path! Amen

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