Monday, March 1, 2010

i do not understand!!!

why need to do confinement?

who started this thing?

i think this is all just.... bull shit! (sorry that i have to use that word)

no shower for 1 month? come on.. you have got to be kidding me right??

no wind blowing directly? come on.. we are in Malaysia!! Bloody HOT and Humid country...

i think just these two is enough to la.. do i have to continue??

what is fullmoon?

who started this again?

we are human! we are not some kind of werewolf...

This is definitely not the same as the fullmoon party in Koh-Samui! hahaha.. I dun mind that!

I am just trying to figure out what is the theory or reason behind all these things.
I believe i am now living in a modern world. where we can all all kinds of info from google. i respect all the things my parents ask me to do. but i would love to know why! and too bad they cant give me any answer. so i am not convinced!

the best answer they can give is :"last time we also do the same!"

But that answer is not good enough for me! I need something more than that.

I will try my very best to stop all the "no logic" practice during my time. so that the next generation will not have to do that. but i will also try to find the answer first and also other method way before i do that.

Still confused!!

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  1. is this written by the person in the process of confining or the other one who help to confine? ha