Sunday, April 18, 2010

Next Level!

Becoming a parent is really going to the next level! I never really understood the feeling of my parents until i become one. i can tell u.. it's not easy!! please appreciate your parents ok?

suddenly my life is so completely different compare to before 11th Feb 2010! hehe.. before i can do anything i like at anytime i want! i can play ps2 anytime i want, i can read/write blog at anytime. can facebook for long hours.. enjoy my time watching TV (football for 90mins).. go yam cha with friends.. fishing.. aduh~~~ the more i type.. the more depress i will become la..

suddenly all that is taken away from me after the born of my son. so guys!! are you ready to let go of all that? i mean ALL!! Suddenly God just show me the real meaning of ALL when He told me that He took ALL my sins away! wow.. amazing.. Praise God..

okok.. come back.. to be very honest, i never knew it will be like that at all. a friend told me once.. "sleep more while u can..!" after hearing that it doesn't register in my brain at all. now i fully understand what he was trying to tell me.. but too late la.. hahaha... "IF!!!! IF ONLY" is what i can say now...

Suddenly this life of mine is not about me anymore.. not about my wife also.. Suddenly everything is about Isaac. everything just seems to run and work around Isaac. i can only sleep when he is asleep. if he dun sleep.. NOBODY sleeps!! i can only eat when he is done eating or is sleeping. sometimes too tired to eat after kautim him!

husband and wife really need to work together as a team. this is really important ok? i felt that both me and Kim are really a good team. we help one another a lot to make this new journey a lot easier. i cant do this on my own. she will collapse if i do not help her at all. i really respect those single parent la. have to raise up the children on their own. R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

BUT... it's really a joy to see him grow everyday. i really want to thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful wife and also son. i really hope that i can be a good husband and also father. i am still learning and i am willing to change my old self. to be more sacrificial and selfless. it is not easy but i believe that God will continue to give me the strength and also joy as day goes by.

when i see this..
everything is worth it!
my tears and sweat!

I love you both very much!


  1. the advantage of all this is Kim got slimmer arms =)

  2. Parenting, the hardest job on earth, yet the most fulfilling one also. Gab & Kimmy, Gambateh! God's grace and strength is always sufficient =D Praying for you two....=)

  3. Nana.. Yup! u r right.. no need to go slimming center.. haha

    mao.. God is the center of everything.. He is where we find our strength each day!