Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh No!!!

wow.. suddenly i realize that my 2 is ending really soon.. and 3 is coming really fast!! oh my.. i seriously do not know what to say and what to expect la.

should i b more mature? behave and dress like uncle? comb my hair side way? speak like 1 too?

walauler.. 3 is still not too old right? i know Ps. Philip always say age is just a number.. from 21-29 is no difference for me.. but.. but.. but from 2 to 3 seems like a big step to take la...

Oh man... Oh man... oh man...


  1. happy birthday in advance, Uncle Gabriel!!

  2. errmm.. walauler.. i know u r just 1 year younger.. ur time will come! Thanks ya.

    pls enjoy ur newly wedded life as much as possible ok? any plan for honey just GO!! dun hold back.. when the little one come.. it's gonna be very hard!!

  3. hahahahaha happy birthday to Uncle Garbriel too!