Thursday, March 5, 2009


This is about a man named 阿虎. (a.k.a. my 二舅)

You are just another ordinary man in the family.

But you are special to me that’s why I am writing about you.

You always have a very fierce look on your face.

So fierce that not even a gangster would dare to look at you eye to eye.

But when u smile, it just show another side of you.

Full of warmth and also make people feel so welcome.

The word that you used it’s always very “flowery” that if were to go On Air, it will be full of “BEEP!” hehe..

I fully understand why because you got your degree from the Kapit Street University.

But when you crack a joke, it will really bring tears to my eyes and also cramp my tummy.

You to me are the Best Chef in town.

Your pork chop, loh pui, foo chow char mee, wild pork....

I’m gonna miss them all.

You are always so proud of your work.

I am also so proud of you.

You also taught me a lot of things that cannot be learnt in the best UNIVERTISY on this earth.

There are so many that will take me months to list them all.

The one I would share will be how to choose a fine Durian.

EYE: how to choose the color and shape of durian.

NOSE: how to smell the durian.

EAR: how to hear the “heart beat” of the durian.

MOUTH: the different taste of durian.

You will always able to get the best from the seller with best price.

I am not even close to 50% compare to your skills.

You will always buy, packed it nicely, froze it and ship it for us all.

You know we both love Durian so much.

You are so tough since the 1st day I met you.

You always seems to able to take down the whole 300 Spartans on your own.

You even fight with the cancer cells in your body. Never seems to give up!

I do not know how much pain you have to go through.

But the best part is knowing that you fight your last battle with Jesus by your side.

You may not be around anymore; people may think that you lost the battle...

Deep inside me I know that you’ve won the battle.

You have won more than just a battle.

You left behind a great legacy for the younger one to look up to!

Till we meet again..

Miss you,

Ah Boy

二舅!! Rest In Peace..

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