Sunday, March 15, 2009


If you are a Liverpool fans like me... by looking at the picture above.. you should know how i feel..

But the early penalty goal by C.R ( aka Chicken Rice) really sunk my heart. and at that time i received a lot of sms from ManU fans... mocking at me.. laughing at me... (u know who u r la!!)

C.R penalty goal 1-0 ...
(ermm.. also the only goal and celebration!!)

As usual la.. Liverpool fans will not give up easily.. and may be there is 1 thing the devil do not know about Liverpool is..... they are the COME BACK KING!!! (Pheonix!!!)

The Equalizer Super Strike by Torres.. 1-1
(Thanks toVidic careless mistake..)

The Red Skipper penalty goal.. 1-2
(Thanks to Evra!)

Free kick goal by Aurelio.. 1-3
(Van der Saar is dreaming about his dinner i guess!)

Superb lob by Dossena and end the game 1-4
(The Super Substitute!!)

Oh Ya!!! BTW...
Just want to add some cream on top of my celebration Cake... hehehe.....

Ang Pow for the "Man of the Match!!"
(Thanks to the referee!!)

p/s: I do not know why but i just felt that i need to blog this event... hehehehee...

The MIGHTY RED is Marching On!!

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