Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Home Town!

I believe this is not something new to many of us. Where is your home town? And I’m sure many of us can just almost instantly answer that question without a doubt. But this question for me is kind of complicated. Not sure isit because I am stupid or what la. If I were to separate the two word “Home” and “Town”. Not sure will this make thing a little bit easier for me.

“Home” should be a place where we feel belong most. I actually look up the dictionary and this is one of the explanations. “Home” is the place in which one's domestic affections are centered. I simplified “Home” as where my parents are. And for the word “Town” should be a location. That’s not too difficult to understand at all. Yeah!

I guess using my small little coconut, putting the two words together should not be too difficult. I guess home town means, The “Town” that where our “Home” is. Wow… so simple after all. But the tricky part is my HOME kept moving around Towns.. so I guess that’s the problem. I do not really know where my Home town is. But I know exactly where my home is. No second thought.

I was born in a very small town called Kapit. I spend my 1st 12 years there. During that time it’s not difficult to answer where your home town is? I can just say, “Kapit!” easy easy.

Kapit Boy!!

But after that my whole family moved to Kuching city. I stayed in Kuching for the following 6 years. In another word I completed my high school time in Kuching.

Kuching Kid!!

Then whole family moved to Miri. But I went to KL to further my study.

Miri Budak!

In KL people will sure ask me where my home town is. During that time I kind of do not know how to answer that question already. Do I say Kapit? Kuching? Or Miri? After thinking to myself. I simply choose a place la. Since no one is gonna know. I just answered “Miri!” I guess that’s a bad choice because that kind of complicated the rest of my following answers. I am sure u must be confused by now. Do not worry. Just continue to read on.

After about 1 year plus in Miri, my family moved again. Yes! Again! Now the next location is Kota Kinabalu, Sabah! Further up North! May be next stop will be in Philippine.

KK, Sabah Kia!!

During that time I was still in KL. I have never been to Kota Kinabalu before. And so happen that when my family moved to KK, I just entered University. So everything kind of being reset. Meeting new friends in university and so on.. When we meet new friends, they sure would love to know where my home town is. So I just say “KK, Sabah!”. The unexpected thing is people seem to be very keen to know about KK. And they continue to ask me, “What is nice in KK?”, “Any nice food to introduce?”, “Have you climbed mount KK before?” errmmm… Thinking to myself “D@RN!!” I have never been to KK so how am I going to answer them. I wish I could turn back the time and answered “Miri”, “Kuching”, “Kapit” instead! At least I know how to answer them.

Suddenly I need to potong everyone’s steam and say, "ermm.. sorry guys, actually I am not really from KK, Sabah!" then people just silent and looked at me like one kind and thinking, "hey boy! U dunno where u r from meh? It’s not like we are asking you how to build a space ship and bring us to Jupiter!". Then I begin to explain to them about my home moving journey. Then only they understand. “Pheeew.. Lucky! They dun think I am crazy or stupid la”. On the other hand, “Mayb they do think that I am stupid!” but who cares.. hahaha…

Thank God that the home moving kind of stop in KK as of now! So now I can say my home town is in KK. Unfortunately there is another problem. That is my IC number there is a number “13”. Meaning to say I am a Sarawakian.

Lucky Number 13!

**in this picture i still look young la.. sigh~

In KL:

I would tell people that I am from KK, Sabah.

In KK:

I would tell people that I am from Sarawak. Since I am a Sarawakian.

In Overseas:

I would tell people that I am from Malaysia. KK, Sabah is where is stay.

This is really frustrating to the bones! At one stage to make things simpler I would just say I am from Borneo Island.

Mr. Borneo!!

At the moment I am working in Kuching. Every Christmas I will go back “Home” to celebrate Christmas with my parents in Sabah. Then my colleagues would ask me “DO you have any plan during the festive season?” I would normally say “I plan to go back to celebrate with my parents in Sabah.” Then they will look at me puzzled. “I thought you are Sarawakian, why u need to go back to Sabah?” And there goes another super long explanation.

Do you have any idea what is the best way for me to answer this question?

“Where is your home town?”


  1. You should answer "My hometown is at where my parents are staying. And NOW they are in KK".

    Complicated huh?

    Now I have similar problem. I tell people I am from Kapit but now at Kuching permanently (most probably).

    Better than your situation!

  2. i guess u know how i feel la..
    kind of like not know where do i come from.

    sounds so simple and yet so difficult to answer..

  3. Tell me about it....I normally say borneo is my hometown..then have to explain alot also..sigh~ so jia lat man...haha!

    My IC even better..IC number is 13 = sarawakian but address ends with KK, what am I? I also don't know...when u get the answer, please let me knw also..make my life easier..haha =P

  4. hahaha... i guess i am not that bad after all..
    like that u r more complicated than me la..

    IC 13 + KK address! hahaha...

    Borneo should do the job!