Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Moon..

I remember when i was young, my elder cousins always tell me that we are not to look at the full moon. if we do so, we might slowly turn into a monster or animal. and we should not point our finger at the moon. if we do so, our ear will be cut off. then they start telling me the "real life story" of what happened. i can still remember all that stories in my head. but there is an exception. the only time the moon become "friendly" is during moon cake festival! i also dunno why. you can sing, u can talk, you and point at the moon.. no worries...

now when i think about it.. it's really funny and silly. but when you are young and innocent, u just believe everything the elder people tells you.

I have always wanted to shoot the moon. This is the best shot that i can get with my Nikon D90.

I hope the coming Moon Cake festival i can get better pictures with the roundest moon!!! since that time is the "safest" to talk and sing and point at the moon.. i hope i do not turn into a monster or some other creatures la.. if yes.. i will shoot myself and post here in my blog!! haha..

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