Sunday, August 8, 2010

Short Talk via mobile

My wife asked me a question that kept me thinking over n over again.

How can 1 mother take care of many children n many children cant take care of 1 mother?

This is a very simple question that she read somewhere. But after she told me. I keep thinking abt this question.

My son caught a flu yesterday and it's seriously not fun! He woke up every hour. Yes! No joke every hour. He got problem breathing due to nose block. He is too young to blow his nose. He suck his thumb when he is sleeping. That means there is no other way to breath! Unless he dun suck his thumb. If he dun suck his thumb means he cant sleep. He dun sleep means nobody sleep!!

Weekend it's suppose to give us rest so we can face d coming week. But this weekend is worse than normal working day. I'm exhausted before the new week even started!

I'm sure when i was young, my parents would do the same thing to me when i fell sick.

Now the question is will i do the same to them when they grow old one day?


  1. 养儿方知父母恩。。。

  2. i think i roughly know what u r typing.. hehe..

    becoming a father is one thing.. no matter what, i am still my parents' son.. need to appreciate our parents la..

  3. good question! It is harder when we have 4 parents.