Friday, August 13, 2010

My 1/2 years old Son

I film my son "reading" his favorite Zoo Book. I cant stop laughing deep inside seeing how serious he was when he was reading the book. hahaha..

I told my wife i have to blog this moment. so that next time i can show him and let him see for himself.

He is so serious and focus and not distracted at all. i am just so amused by that. normally he loves to follow my voice. but i guess the book is more attractive than my voice la.

Isaac: Daddy can you please keep quite? i am trying to read here..

P/S: hope that 1 day he will grow up like his 姑姑. loves to read books la..


  1. i'm so happy to see this as i'm working on encouraging people to read at the moment. i hope he'll continue this good habit until he grows up. besides providing knowledge,reading helps in many way. for eg increase one's understanding of things, train one to think logically and systemathically... create an environment for him at home- quiet undistracted corner for him to read, lots of books, and the best thing is daddy and mummy reading too. child learns what he sees... and do teach him chinese too, as it's our root. people growing up with deep root will not flow with the tide easily...

  2. we will try our best la. hope he can pick up this good habit.